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Jetman is here to blow your mind

Here is Swiss pilot Yves Rossy flying his jet-propelled wing. According to his website, he began experimenting with designs as far back as 1993. Jetman.com goes on:

“In 2005, [Rossy] completed two successful flights under a wing fitted with two jet engines.  A long year of hard work and the addition of two additional jet engines were needed for the wing to attain the required level of performance and safety. This prototype with 4 jet engines, guided only with the movements of his body, allows a stabilized ascension of the flight. This was the flight of November 2006, in Bex, a  dream lasting 5 minutes and 40 seconds.”

Rossy is the only person in aviation history to fly one of these things. In 2008, he crossed the English Channel with one.

Shades of The Rocketeer, no? I’ve got to say, it looks slightly more practical than a Segway.

I bow to you, Jetman. Now get to work on flying cars and we’ll be set.


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