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Milanovich hired; 5 CFL stars who played in the XFL

Photo: argonauts.ca

Scott Milanovich is the new head coach of the Toronto Argonauts. He’s also the answer to an extremely obscure sports trivia question.

In 2001, Milanovich, now 38, was the first ever pick in the only XFL Draft. He didn’t end up playing much, stuck behind Tommy Maddox on the team’s depth chart. Maddox went on to a moderately successful second try at the NFL, while Milanovich finished his playing career in the CFL, backing up for Calgary in 2003 under Jim Barker.

Huge XFL fan

The two leagues are weirdly linked. Vince McMahon actually started the XFL after being rebuffed in his attempt to buy the CFL — yes, the entire league. God knows how that would have turned out. Likely something like this.

Today, McMahon’s much-maligned experiment is remembered for a few things: wacky rules, stupid cross-promotion with WWE, the Madden-style flying camera, and players being allowed to customize their names on their jerseys (“He Hate Me.”)  The league tried to legitimize itself by the end of its first-and-last season, but by then, nobody was watching and the damage was more than done.

Playing a schedule that kicked off in February 2001, the league attracted some CFL players. A number of other players moved on to the Canadian game after the XFL folded. Let’s take a look at five players who have found the most success in both leagues.
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