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Review: The Zombies “Odessey and Oracle,” a forgotten classic

Released: 1968
CBS Records (U.S.), Date Records (U.K.)

There was more to the British Invasion than The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. One of the best and most overlooked bands of that era is The Zombies. And Odessey and Oracle is their masterpiece.

Fronted by Rod Argent, the band was formed in St. Albans during the early 60s. Melding Beatles-esque melodies with the baroque inclinations of the latter day Beach Boys, Odessey and Oracle is the first Zombies album without any covers. Songwriters Chris White (bass) and Argent prove able to provide quality songwriting throughout,  with only a few let downs.
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Review: Peep World (2010)

I had never heard of Peep World¬†before it popped up on the “Newly Added” section of the free OnDemand channel. But the description did list it as a comedy starring Michael C. Hall and Sarah Silverman, so I gave it a shot.

And though there are a few funny moments, the deliberately-uncomfortable screenplay mostly misses its mark, failing to elicit sympathy for any of its characters.
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