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Check out the toastmaker.

One of my best old buddies from my Toronto neighbourhood now lives in Sao Paolo, Brazil. He’s started a neat page about life around the city, and it features some great photography.

Check it out here.


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Shoutouts; and, welcome, Hedley fans

Couple of shoutouts for friends of culturethoughts.

http://4three.wordpress.com/ — Hoops writing from a unique, often hilarious perspective.Mad respect for my bud, David Charles Zarum, “this guy is the next Bill Simmons*”
* – Please use this on the back of your first book as a quote. I even put it in quotes already to make it easier for you.
http://www.zachmorrisism.blogspot.com/ — Awesome blog that covers an eclectic mix of fashion, weird indy hip hop and general coolness. Plus a running feature called Kelly KaPOWski.

Big ups to Sascha Ellis for that one.

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