Rock & Roll Nuggets: Supergrass – Seen the Light

Song information and thoughts after the jump.

Album: Life on Other Planets (2002)

Sometimes we’re nostalgic about the music of our teenage years, while sometimes we later realize that the stuff we used to like is actually crap. I’m pretty sure this falls in to the former category. Personally, Life on Other Planets reminds me of a time when I thought I had it all figured out (but of course, actually didn’t know jack shit.) For my money, this album is insanely underrated, but then, so was the band’s work as a whole. At least Allmusic agrees with me¬†that this album was awesome.

Supergrass were never quite serious, focused or visual-friendly enough to break through huge in North America (“Pumping on Your Stereo” was probably the closest they got, pre-dating this album by years.)

Anyways, I always liked this song a lot, and listening back to this album now, I still do. I guess I did have some things figured out, at least.


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