Leonardo DiCaprio stars in The Great Gatsby. Trailer is cool. Movie might suck? We’ll see.

Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby

Considering how depressingly short Hollywood is on original ideas these days (Oh, COME ON, Adam Sandler in Candy Land?), it’s almost refreshing that someone is mining classic literature.

The Great Gatsby is set for a Christmas release, and though the music in the trailer makes no sense at all, it actually looks kinda okay. Based on the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel that bored you to death in high school — but only because your attention span was too short at the time — the film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as the title character. Personally, I’m shocked, but pleased, that they didn’t shorten the name of the movie to just “Gatsby.” That would have been the ultimate Hollywood in 2012 move.

Baz Luhrmann directs, he of the 1996 atrocity Romeo + Juliet.  So he has experience adapting old works to the new form with Leo as the lead. Let’s hope the dialogue is fully updated in this one, ’cause Romeo + Juliet just didn’t make any sense at all.

Watch the trailer for The Great Gatsby below the jump.


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