Hear the new Joel Plaskett album, Scrappy Happiness

Joel Plaskett

Canadian pop-rock songster Joel Plaskett is back with his band, The Emergency, for a new record.

 Every once in a while, a new album gets me really excited about music again. And any time Joel Plaskett releases something, that’s the case.

Plaskett, a Halifax native and one of Canada’s finest songwriters, is back with Scrappy Happiness, a follow-up to his overly-ambitious but excellent three-disc set Three (2009). His band, The Emergency, is back in the fold on this LP — their first album as a band since Plaskett’s seminal work, 2007’s Ashtray Rock. 

The reunited Joel Plaskett Emergency took quite a unique approach to the recording and release of Scrappy Happiness. From Ben Rayner at toronto.com:

Plaskett has learned a thing or two of late about letting go and not lingering too long on imperfections. Earlier this year, he set himself and the Emergency the task of recording, mixing and mastering a tune a week for 10 weeks straight, delivering a finished version of each song to the CBC for airplay at the end of each seven-day stretch. 

I’ve yet to hear the new album in full, but you can stream every song here. (CBC)


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