Video: The James Gang in 1971 featuring a young Joe Walsh, “Walk Away”

Found on Youtube: This performance, apparently from 1971, of James Gang. Just a few things to note here…

– In 1971, Joe Walsh really looked like Kurt Cobain at times, from certain angles. And they sort of sound like each other too. Usually the YouTube comments section is the lowest ring of humanity, but the esteemed “kepstein8888” (“kepstein 8887” was taken) has a solid line on there: “How many times do you think Kurt Cobain saw this video on Closet Classics back in the 80s?”

– That’s Jim Fox on drums, killing it. While he seems to be a pretty great drummer, you know what he’s best at? Collecting license plates! (How’d you guess?) Fox is a member of the Automobile Licence Plate Collectors Association Hall of Fame. They don’t just let anyone into that: according to ALPCA, in 1994, “he wrote License Plates of the United States. Now in its third edition, this book, which features color photographs of complete runs for all 50 states, also includes informative text on each state, color codes and a brief history of ALPCA by Keith Marvin. It is truly the bible for anyone seriously interested in collecting North American license plates.” Any man who’s been a rock star and wrote a “bible” has lived a pretty cool life.

– The extended intro and guitar breaks on this version are quite different than the studio version, but possibly more awesome. That’s pretty much the definition of a power trio right there.

Check out Joe Walsh on The Adam Carolla Show. 


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