Rick Perry’s comical Youtube folly

Texas Governor and GOP presidential nominee Rick Perry, whose support has dipped to about 5 per cent amongst his party, is making sure he stays top-of-mind. And while his new ad is getting attention, it appears that Youtube users, at least, aren’t buying what he’s selling.

For the video-impaired, here’s what Perry says:

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a Christian, but you don’t need to be in the pew every Sunday to know there’s something wrong in this country when gays can serve openly in the military but our kids can’t openly celebrate Christmas or pray in school.

As President, I’ll end Obama’s war on religion. And I’ll fight against liberal attacks on our religious heritage.
Faith made America strong. It can make her strong again.
I’m Rick Perry and I approve this message.

The problem for Perry? Putting aside the video’s contents, whoever uploaded the video to Youtube ( I’m taking a wild guess and saying it was not Perry himself) didn’t disable the “like” and “dislike” feature. Does the Internet approve of Perry’s message? It appears not.

Perry’s video is  gathering “dislikes” at an incredible pace; such is the instantaneous power of the Internet. A sampling on this fine evening (Dec. 7):

  • 7:29 p.m.  EST: 903 likes, 37,793 dislikes
  • 7 :39 p.m. EST:  960 likes. 40,806 dislikes
  • 7:49 p.m. EST: 999 likes, 42,634 dislikes
  • Update: 10:53 p.m. EST: 1,928 likes, 80,365 dislikes.

It’s true that the people who are clicking  “dislike” probably aren’t inclined to support Perry. But for a video that’s trying to woo additional support, leaving the feature enabled is a miserable failure on the part of his staff.

We’ll see how far this goes before someone from his campaign figures it out. The lesson: make sure the person that’s in charge of your media knows what they’re doing. Oh, and apparently, if you’re going to post an inherently controversial ad on the Internet, make sure the public can’t voice their displeasure.

Check out how many dislikes Perry’s video is up to now here. 

Credit to DKElections, via Bruce Arthur.


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