Paulina Gretzky back on Twitter, wait, no she’s not, wait, yes she is

Twitter is like a set of drums: it can be used for good, but things can go downhill quickly in the wrong hands.

Consider the case of Paulina Gretzky. The Great One’s 22-year-old daughter’s claim to fame thus far is — well, being Wayne Gretzky’s daughter. Honestly, I don’t think too many people had heard of her before a couple of weeks ago.

But Paulina’s profile has risen in the past week, owing to the controversy over her Twitter account. Seems Paulina has taken to posting photos of herself while not wearing too much in the way of clothing.

In today’s society, I wouldn’t even call most of the photos particularly racy.  Hell, it is the Internet, after all.

But the photos definitely don’t jive with her famous father’s squeaky-clean public person. Wayne, as Greg Wyshynski points out, could have been a party animal during his Los Angeles days – the difference being that, in those days, the concept of a camera phone seemed like something out of Star Trek. Now, everyone even remotely tied to some level of “fame” is under the microscrope every minute of their lives.

Paulina apparently shut down her account shortly after posting the following:

“Having a nice sit down dinner with my dad about social media..haha #SIKEEE”

Some speculated that the move came because of Wayne potentially becoming involved with a new ownership group of Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment. Even though that story’s now been squashed, I doubt that was ever the concern for Wayne.

This has nothing to do with any of Gretzky’s potential business ventures, and more to do with protecting the family name. The Gretzky name is virtually Teflon in Canada – any criticism throughout his career has mostly been performance-based, not an attack on his family’s character (except maybe for this.) Wayne would probably be fine if his family would behave themselves.

Of course, a few days later, Paulina returned with this tweet.

Chances of her Dad not finding out about this? Zero percent.

So we’ll wait and see how this plays out from here. For now, her account is back, but appears to have been scrubbed of its most risqué photos. Her profile picture is now a wholesome shot of her and her family at what looks to be the Vancouver Olympics. The tweet about not telling her Dad is gone now, too.

What really set Wayne off? Probably not the following, but If I had a 22-year-old daughter, nothing would strike more fear in me:

Puck Daddy – Did the Great One shut down Paulina Gretzky’s tantalizing Twitter?
Calgary Herald – Gallery: Kids of celebrities who got totally out of control


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