Shoutouts; and, welcome, Hedley fans

Couple of shoutouts for friends of culturethoughts. — Hoops writing from a unique, often hilarious perspective.Mad respect for my bud, David Charles Zarum, “this guy is the next Bill Simmons*”
* – Please use this on the back of your first book as a quote. I even put it in quotes already to make it easier for you. — Awesome blog that covers an eclectic mix of fashion, weird indy hip hop and general coolness. Plus a running feature called Kelly KaPOWski.

Big ups to Sascha Ellis for that one.

The internet is such a strange place.

I wrote a post well over a month ago that had Hedley in it.

This has resulted in search engines sending this blog hundreds of hits from people searching for hedley, and variations like “a giant pic of hedley” (Yes, actual search term entered).

So I just type Hedley a few times (*cough*Hedley, Hedley, Hedley), sit back, and Hedley fans come to the site in droves?

Sounds good. Kids, check out my music while you’re here. I’m sellin’ out baby. Show me the money!

With Hedley fans behind me, I will quickly displace Taylor Swift at the top of the charts.

No, no, wait a minute…No. This can’t happen.

It’s too weird to picture me giving up my indy roots and DIY aesthetic (HA!).

Nah, as strange as the music business is, its not the internet.

The internet is such a strange place.


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